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So if you haven’t already heard, Transcendence is NOT worth your time or money. I saw it opening day and was a little late getting this up. It’s an extremely lazy plot and script amassed into an overall dumb movie that desperately wants you to believe it is quite smart. It has a talented overall cast that absolutely cannot save it. I saw it and was afraid people would just blindly like it, but in a pleasant surprise to me, seems most people found this at least half as dumb as I did. Movie Bob of the Escapist actually did a review that took the words right out of my mouth. Don’t always agree with him, but yeah, dead on in this case. Don’t bother. Go see… anything instead. Captain America is still out there and very fun. Lego Movie is still hanging around. (cuz it’s awesome.)

So this is kind of just for me? I listened to the most recent Doug Loves Movies podcast (GREAT podcast, check it out if you’re a movie/comedy nerd) and one of the guests is John Hamm. I’ve heard him before and I really like listening to him. Got a little bit of a crush on him, to be honest. But the funny thing is that I’ve managed to never commit his face in my memory bank. Could not pick the man out of a line-up if you held a gun to my head. Never seen Mad Men. But I love him on podcasts. I love that he’s funny and a theater/movie nerd. This little bit in particular made me laugh and smile because I go to the movies all the time by myself in the middle of the day. Nice to know I’m not the only one. 

So I was going to do a panel of all my favourite witches for Halloween… and I got started and was focusing WAY more on detail than I thought I would… and I eventually I just retreated to doing Ravenna only. I never do stuff like this, but here it is. I couldn’t figure a background and I know I won’t get anything else on it done during the work week so… Happy Halloween?

I wouldn’t normally post something like this here, but I have not had the time to devote to a comic. This however was just dancing around my brain and has been for months and months, being created in uncharacteristically small pieces. It’s the closest I can come to rendering the images I see when I listen to Kashiwa Daisuke’s beautiful April.#02 - one of my favourite songs of all time. You can listen to it here and hopefully love him too.

Hopefully more comics coming soon. 

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